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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man and Wife (NEW)

  • Author: Tony Parsons
  • Price : RM25 (free postage)
  • Reviews:

Man and Wife is a novel about love and marriage – about why we fall in love and why we marry; about why we stay and why we go.

Harry Silver is a man coming to terms with a divorce and a new marriage. He has to juggle with time and relationships, with his wife and his ex-wife, his son and his stepdaughter, his own work and his wife's fast-growing career.

Meanwhile his mother, who stood so steadfastly by his father until he died, is not getting any younger or stronger herself.

In fact, everything in Harry's life seems complicated. And when he meets a woman in a million, it gets even more so…

Man and Wife stands on its own as a brilliant novel about families in the new century, written with all the humour, passion and superb storytelling that have made Tony Parsons a favourite author in over thirty countries.

House Rules (NEW)

  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • Price : RM25 (free postage)
  • Reviews:
HOUSE RULES is about Jacob Hunt, a teenage boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s hopeless at reading social cues or expressing himself well to others, and like many kids with AS, Jacob has a special focus on one subject – in his case, forensic analysis.
He’s always showing up at crime scenes, thanks to the police scanner he keeps in his room, and telling the cops what they need to do…and he’s usually right. But then one day his tutor is found dead, and the police come to question him. All of the hallmark behaviors of Asperger’s – not looking someone in the eye, stimulatory tics and twitches, inappropriate affect – can look a heck of a lot like guilt to law enforcement personnel -- and suddenly, Jacob finds himself accused of murder. HOUSE RULES looks at what it means to be different in our society, how autism affects a family, and how our legal system works well for people who communicate a certain way – but lousy for those who don’t.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Importance of Being Married (SOLD)

The Baby Group

  • Author: Rowan Coleman
  • Price : RM22 (free postage)
  • Reviews:

Meet The Baby Group: Natalie ran her own design company until baby Freddie unexpectedly came along. Now the capable person she once was is trapped inside a crazy woman’s body, longing for just one decent night’s sleep and words of more than one syllable. Meg is onto her fourth child but still feels she has to take notes. Meg’s sister-in-law Frances organises her little boy like he’s a private in the army, but underneath her prickly facade she longs for the kind of friendships others seem to find so easy. Former career girl Jess sees danger lurking in every corner, doubting she’ll ever be a good mother. Stay-at-home house-husband Steve is just glad to have the opportunity to spend time with his daughter. And sixteen-year-old Tiffany is the youngest - yet possibly the wisest - of them all.

Six very different parents. Six very different lives. But when Natalie’s dodgy wiring leads to a series of chance encounters, they rapidly discover - through Baby Music, Baby Aerobics, coffee and more importantly cake - that there’s safety in numbers. And their own unofficial baby group is formed.


  • Author: Jane Green
  • Price : RM22 (free postage)
  • Reviews:
Meet Julia, a wildly successful television producer who appears to have the picture-perfect life. But beneath the surface, things are not as perfect as they seem. Stuck in a loveless relationship with her boyfriend, Mark, Julia thinks a baby is the answer . . . but she may want a baby more than she wants her boyfriend. Maeve, on the other hand, is allergic to commitment. A feisty, red-haired, high-power career girl, she breaks out in a rash every time she passes a stroller. But when her no-strings-attached nightlife leads to an unexpected pregnancy, her reaction may be just as unexpected . . . And then there’s Samantha — happily married and eager to be the perfect June-Cleaver mother. But baby George brings only exhaustion, extra pounds, and marital strife to her once tidy life. Is having an affair with a friend’s incredibly sexy husband the answer?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reading in Bed

  • Author: Sue gee
  • Price : RM23 (free postage)
  • Reviews:
Friends since university, with busy working lives behind them, Dido and Georgia have long been looking forward to carefree days of books and conversation, when each finds herself caught up in unexpected domestic drama. Dido, for the first time, has cause to question her marriage; widowed Georgia feels certain her husband will return to her. Meanwhile, an eccentric country cousin goes wildly off the rails, children are unhappy in love, and perfect health is all at once in question.

Pants on Fire (Hard Cover)

  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • Price : RM26 (free postage)
  • Reviews:
Liar, liar.

Katie Ellison is not a liar.

It's just that telling the truth is so . . . tricky. She knows she shouldn't be making out with a drama club hottie behind her football- player boyfriend's back. She should probably admit that she can't stand eating quahogs (clams), especially since she's running for Quahog Princess in her hometown's annual Quahog Festival. And it would be a relief to finally tell someone what really happened the night Tommy Sullivan is a freak was spray-painted on the new wall outside the junior high school gymnasium-in neon orange, which still hasn't been sandblasted off. After all, everyone knows that's what drove Tommy out of town four years ago.

But now Tommy Sullivan has come back. Katie is sure he's out for revenge, and she'll do anything to hang on to her perfect (if slightly dishonest) existence. Even if it means telling more lies than ever. Even if, now that Tommy's around, she's actually-no lie- having the time of her life.

Sparkles (Hard Cover)

  • Author: Louise Bagshawe
  • Price : RM30 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
The glittering fortunes of the Massot family, vastly wealthy owners of Paris's greatest jewellery firm, were plunged into confusion seven years ago by the disappearance of Pierre Massot, its charismatic, secretive head. NOw his beautiful young widow Sophie has decided she and her son Tom - and hte firm - must move on.
But their enemies have other ideas and a trail of scandal is waiting to be uncovered...What really happened to Pierre? And what was the family secret he tried so hard to conceal?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blame It on Paris (SOLD)

Goodnight Nobody

  • Author: Jennifer Weiner
  • Price : RM23 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
For Kate Klein, the unsolved murder of a fellow mother is the most interesting thing to happen since the neighbors cracked their septic tank. Up until then life in suburbia has been distinctly underwhelming. Her once-loving husband is hardly ever home. The supermums on the playground routinely snub her and days are filled with empty routine . . .

Monday, July 19, 2010

Something Blue (SOLD)

Apa Kata Hati

  • Author: Ebriza Aminnudin
  • Price : RM12 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Kisah Cinta yang terjadi antara Dalinda, Damien dan Nirul Nizam tidaklah semudah yang disangka jalan penyelesaiannya. Antara Damien dan Nirul Nizam tak mahu mengalah dan masih memburu sekeping hati milik Dalinda. Lantaran itu, Dalinda terkapai di ambang kemelut, tak berdaya menyingkirkan cinta abadi kedua-dua pemuda yang berebutkannya.

Mampukah Dalinda menyingkir salah seorang dari mereka?

Siapa yang berjaya menawan hati Dalinda sehingga ke gerbang perkahwinan?

Dan, apakah sebenarnya kata hati Dalinda...

Remember Me (Brand New) - ALL STOCKS ARE SOLD

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Quiet Girl

  • Author: Peter Hoeg
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Set in Denmark in the here and now, The Quiet Girl centres around Kaspar Krone, a world-renowned circus clown with a deep love for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and an even deeper gambling debt. Wanted for tax evasion and on the verge of extradition, Krone is drafted into the service of a mysterious order of nuns who promise him reprieve from the international authorities in return for his help safeguarding a group of children with mystical abilities.

When one of the children goes missing a year later, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring her back, making a shocking series of discoveries along the way about her identity and the true intentions of his young wards.

The Quiet Girl pits art and spirituality against corporate interests and nothing less than the will to war by the industrialized world. This long-awaited novel from the author of Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow is a fast-paced philosophical thriller of rare quality.

Going Dutch

  • Author: Katie Fforde
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Jo Edwards never planned to live on a barge. She's not even sure she likes boats. But when her husband trades her in for a younger model, she finds her options alarmingly limited.

Dora Hamilton never planned to run out on her own wedding. But as The Big Day approaches, her cold feet show no signs of warming up - and accepting Jo's offer of refuge aboard The Three Sisters seems the only alternative.

As Jo and Dora embark on reorganizing their muddled lives, they realise they both need a practical way to keep themselves afloat. But, despite their certainty that they've sworn off men for good, they haven't bargained for the persistent intervention of attractive but enigmatic Marcus, and laid-back, charming Tom, who both seem determined to help them whether they like it or not ...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels (SOLD)

Perfect Match (Reserved)

  • Author: Jane Moore
  • Our Price : RM23 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Just when Karen and Joe Eastman thought they had it all - the perfect marriage and the perfect family - they learn that their young son, Ben, has a terminal illness. The only cure is for them to have a 'designer baby' to provide him with a perfect match bone-marrow transplant.

But, in the process, a devastating family secret is revealed that not only jeopardizes the one hope of their son having a future but also threatens to destroy their marriage...

Kissing Toads

  • Author:Jemma Harvey
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Normal Price : RM35.90
  • Reviews
Delphi, garden programme presenter, and Roo, TV producer, have been best friends since childhood. As different as night and day, they've been there for each other's every merciless heart-break, every evil critic and knotty wardrobe choices

Delphi's career seems slightly, while Roo's long-time boyfriend has secretly gone and married his long-time Romanian girlfriend. They decide to ditch their life of urban glamour (Delphi) and overworked late nights (Roo) and sign on for a garden make-over programme in Scotland. Draughty castle, craggy rock star with ambitions to be the laird and a cast of very strange characters included - the two are in for a big surprise.

45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy*

  • Author:Anita Bruzzese
  • Price : RM26 (including postage)
  • Normal Price : RM48.50
  • Reviews
Do any of these mistakes sound familiar?
  • Copying the wrong people on an important e-mail
  • Failing to take notes at a crucial meeting
  • Clinging to your office mates at an industry party
  • Kicking the soda machine in a moment of rage
  • Blogging about your job
  • Resisting change instead of embracing it
As you read the book, you’ll understand that knowledge is power. With the right information – information your boss wants you to know and understand – you can be a much happier and more productive employee. And the best part? It’s not hard. It’s time to get started!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse (Brand New) - ALL 5 stocks - SOLD

Queen of Babble In The Big City

  • Author:Meg Cabot
  • Price : RM20 (including postage)
  • Reviews

Lizzie Nichols is back, pounding the New York City pavement, looking for a job, a place to live, and her proper place in the universe (not necessarily in that order).

When summer fling Luke uses the L-Word (Living Together), Lizzie is only too happy to give up her plan of being post-grad roomies with best friend Shari in a one-room walk-up in exchange for co-habitation with the love her life in his mother's Fifth Avenue pied-a-terre, complete with doorman and resident Renoir.

But Lizzie's not so lucky in her employment search. As Shari finds the perfect job, Lizzie struggles through one humiliating interview after another, being judged overqualified for the jobs in her chosen field?vintage gown rehab—and underqualified for everything else. It's Shari's boyfriend Chaz to the rescue when he recommends Lizzie for a receptionist's position at his father's posh law firm. The non-paying gig at a local wedding gown shop Lizzie manages to land all on her own.

But Lizzie's notoriously big mouth begins to get her in trouble at work and at home almost at once—first at the law firm, where she becomes too chummy with Jill Higgins, a New York society bride with a troublesome future mother-in-law, and then back on Fifth Avenue, when she makes the mistake of bringing up the M-Word (Marriage) with commitment-shy Luke

The Personal Shopper

  • Author:Carmein Reid
  • Price : RM25 (including postage)
  • Reviews
Meet Annie Valentine: stylish, savvy, multi-tasker extraordinaire.

As a personal shopper in a swanky London fashion emporium, Annie can re-style and re-invent her clients from head to toe. In fact, this super-skilled dresser can be relied on to solve everyone's problems...except her own.

Although she's busy being a single mum to stroppy teen Lana and painfully shy Owen, there's a gap in Annie's wardrobe, sorry, life, for a new man. But finding the perfect partner is turning out to be so much trickier than finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Can she source a genuine classic? A life long investment? Will she end up with someone from the sale rail, who'll have to be returned? Or maybe, just maybe, there'll be someone new in this season who could be the one...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hilangnya Seri Malam

  • Author : Haryani Kamilan
  • Price : RM14 (including postage)
  • Reviews :
Bukan mudah mencari cinta di zaman ini. Bila dapat seorang, kita sayang pula, rupanya buaya...
Namun, yang sebenarnya cinta yang sejati ada berdekatan tanpa diperasankan.

Setelah segalanya dicapai, cinta dah pun terbentuk, hanya ikatan yang menjadi idaman. Kini segalanya indah apabila ijab kabul telah tertunai...

pandangan semakin mengabur..sinar yang terlihat itu sedikit demi sedikit kian kelam dan lama- kelamaan terus gelap gelita..seperti malam yang telah hilang serinya...

Wishful Thinking (SOLD)

All Because of You (SOLD)

Never Say Never (SOLD)

Before I Forget (SOLD)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second Glance

  • Author:Jodi Picoult
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews
A developer has targeted an ancient Native American burial ground for a shopping mall, and now strange happenings have the tiny town of Comtosook, Vermont, talking of supernatural forces at work

Ross Wakeman is a ghost hunter who's never seen a ghost - a suicidal drifter who has put himself in mortal danger time and again. He's driven his car off a bridge into a lake. He's been mugged in New York City and struck by lightning in a calm country field. Yet despite his best efforts, life clings to him and pulls him ever deeper into the empty existence he cannot bear since his fiancee's death in a car crash eight years ago. Ross now lives only for the moment he might once again encounter the woman he loves

Searching the site for signs of the paranormal, Ross meets Lia, a skittish, mysterious woman who, like him, is searching for something beyond the boundary separating life and death. But the discoveries that await Ross are beyond anything he could dream of in this world -or the next.

My Legendary Girlfriend (SOLD)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vanishing Acts (SOLD)

Send Me a Lover (SOLD)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Salem Falls (SOLD)

Anybody Out There (SOLD)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watermelon (SOLD)


Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

  • Author: Chelsea Handler
  • Our Price : RM20 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Life isn’t easy for Chelsea – but then she doesn’t exactly make it easy. In Are you There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea, she recalls her embarrassments, trials and tribulations with hilarious frankness. Like the time she told some girls at school that she was shooting movies with Goldie Hawn on location in the Galapagos, or when she decided to broaden her sexual horizons with ‘Big Red’, despite the fact that she was seeing a perfectly good dark-haired man at the time.

With tips on dining in pitch black restaurants, reservations about overly aggressive masseuses, and an (ex-) boyfriend who comes to help her dog sit two Peekapoos, but ends up getting along rather too well with ‘Daisy’ – Chelsea has done it all, including meeting a real mini-Chelsea. Written with biting wit, and a smart, sassy and anything-but-shy attitude, this memoir-in-stories will have you rolling around with laughter.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • Our Price : RM24 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Emerson and Nikki have absolutely nothing in common. Emerson’s a tomyboy superbrain who couldnt care less about her looks. Nikki’s a supermodel sensation and the worlds most famous Airhead. But a freak accident causes the girls’ lives to collide in the most extraordinary way

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wish You Were Here

  • Author: Mike Gayle
  • Our Price : RM26 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Their holiday brochure said 18 -- 30 ...
But they've just turned 35.

After ten years together Charlie Mansell has been dumped by his live-in girlfriend, Sarah. All he wants to do is wallow in misery, but mates Andy and Tom have a better idea: a week of sun, sea and souvlaki in Malia -- party capital of the Greek islands. But Charlie and his mates aren't eighteen any more. Or even under thirty. And it shows. It isn't the cheap beer, the late nights or even the fast-food that's the problem. It's girls. And life. And most of all ...each other.

Wish You Were Here is a heart-warming, funny and wise tale about love and friendship and how seven days in the sun can change your life forever

The Life & Soul Of The Party (SOLD)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm With Stupid

  • Author: Elaine Szewczyk
  • Our Price : RM30 (including postage)
  • Reviews:

When Kas meets William while on safari in South Africa he seems perfect: a hot park ranger, both heroic and kind. Kas’s two best friends, Max and Libby, compete for William’s attention, but he only has eyes for Kas, a lowly assistant at a struggling literary agency in New York City who thinks William is out of her league. The two have a fling in Africa, and Kas returns home wondering if she'll hear from William again. So when he finally sends an email, she's delighted.

Until she opens it.

The email is not quite the love missive Kas expected. William suddenly seems… different. A miscommunication between them ensues, triggering a rapid-fire series of developments that, within days, bring William to NYC, under the impression that Kas has offered him a place to live and help him with his plan to take Manhattan by storm. In the coming weeks, as Max plots (unnecessarily elaborate) revenge against an ex and Libby is wooed by a 17-year-old heir to a tube sock fortune, Kas struggles to cope with William’s multiplying eccentricities, including a preoccupation with astrology charts and a passion for collecting Big Apple-themed souvenirs, and the realization that he’s not exactly playing with a full deck.

P.S. I Love You (SOLD)

Shopaholic Ties The Knot (SOLD)

Pst..Gossip! (SOLD)

Simply Divine

  • Author: Wendy Holden
  • Our Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
CHAMPAGNE D`VYNE is a celebrity socialite with a charmed life and a mania for men, money and fame. Jane is a twenty-something journalist with an ordinary life - man stress, work stress and a spare tyre that won’t go away. As their contrasting worlds become bizarrely intertwined, Jane realises that the blonde, busty and blatantly ambitious Champagne will let nothing come between her and what she wants. Least of all Jane.

Meanwhile, in a crumbling country manor in the West Country, everything’s falling apart for Jane’s best friend Tally. The family seat is collapsing - money’s too tight to mansion - her brother the heir has gone AWOL and her mother’s a New Age hippy with a Red Indian boyfriend called Big Horn. Tally desperately needs a rich and handsome husband to save her beloved ancestral home.

Then Jane gets a brilliant new job. A knight on a gold chargecard turns up for Tally. Life finally looks blissful for both of them. But Champagne D`Vyne has other ideas.

A Child Called 'It' (SOLD)

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Wedding (SOLD)

His 'N' Hers - (SOLD)

The Other Woman's Shoes (SOLD)

It's Not You, It's Me

  • Author: Helen Dunne
  • Our Price : RM26 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
32-year-old Holly Parker is a corporate investigator, which is not to be confused with a private eye. She does not rifle through underwear drawers (unless it's a new boyfriend), take dodgy photos (unless it's a long-standing boyfriend), or dress in dirty raincoats (unless it's a weird boyfriend). No, Holly checks out the backgrounds of candidates for some of the top jobs in the City. Yet while she helps countless high profile companies to find their Mr Right For The Job, her personal life is littered with romantic disasters, men who dump her using the same tired old cliche, 'It's not you, it's me!'

Holly doesn't believe them. So when she meets sexy Carl Lawson, she determines not to repeat past mistakes, but first she must discover what those mistakes were.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Me And Mr Darcy (SOLD)

Avalon High (SOLD)

Jinx (SOLD)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Accidental Wife (SOLD)

Are You In The Mood? (SOLD)

Friday, May 29, 2009

You Could Do Better (SOLD)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boy Meets Girl (SOLD)

Who's That Girl (SOLD)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Main-Main Cinta

  • Author: Meor Shariman
  • Our Price : RM10 (including postage)
  • Retail Price : RM24.90
  • Reviews:
Sama cantik, sama popular dan sama nakal - itulah Adam dan Farah, pasangan paling ideal. Namun ada pihak yang iri hati dan membuat rancangan untuk memusnahkan cinta mereka.

Mampukah cinta sejati antara Adam dan Farah bertahan atau apakah mereka terpaksa menyerahkan segala-galanya kepada takdir?

Yang pasti, cinta itu ada dalam hati...

Be Careful What You Wish For (SOLD)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teguh (SOLD)

Noktah (SOLD)

Two Lipstick and a Lover (SOLD)

The To-do List (SOLD)

Queen of Babble (SOLD)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Princess in the Spotlight (SOLD)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Will You Be There? (SOLD)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Lottery (SOLD)

Forever In Blue (SOLD)

Who Moved My Blackberry (SOLD)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pillow Talk (SOLD)

Chocolat (SOLD)

The Last To Know

  • Author: Melissa Hill
  • Our Price : RM28 (RM22 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Eve knows what she wants.
After nine good years and two kids together, it's about time Liam made an honest woman of her.
Eve's sister Sam knows more than she should.
Sam's always thought Eve was too good for Liam. Then she learns the truth about his business trips to Australia, and her suspicions are confirmed.

And Brooke, safe on the other side of the world; knows nothing.
Until a mysterious delivery arrives for her and promises to change her life forever. It seems someone doesn't want Brooke to be the last to know

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination (SOLD)

Cause Celeb

  • Author: Helen Fielding
  • Our Price : RM22 (RM16 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Disillusioned with life as a literary publicist in London and sick of her hotshot TV presenter boyfriend, twenty-something Rosie Richardson decides to give up glitz for good deeds and escape to Africa to run a refugee camp. When famine strikes and a massive refugee influx threatens to overwhelm the camp, officials drag their heels. The only way to get food fast is to bring the celebrities first, so Rosie returns to London to organize a star-studded and risky emergency appeal. Deftly skewering the world of celebrity fundraising, Fielding's debut novel is both comic and thought-provoking.

Marley & Me (SOLD)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Under The Duvet (SOLD)

Tirai Impian (SOLD)

Tangisan Bulan Madu (SOLD)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Thinking Of You (SOLD)

The Wives of Bath

  • Author: Wendy Holden
  • Our Price : RM24 (RM18 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Four parents-to-be seem ante-natally sorted. Flash Hugo and Amanda have booked a chic private clinic and royal maternity nurse. Right-on Jake and Alice want an all-natural home birth with whale music and tree-hugging nappies.

But nothing goes quite to plan. Amanda finds motherhood less glam than the stars make it look and disappears back to her career. Which leaves Hugo with the child and without a clue what to do.

Alice has problems too. Bringing up baby to Jake's eco-fascist standards means home-made organic everything and a recycled cardboard cot.

Will nappiness bring happiness to anybody? Not before bedhopping spouses, beastly bosses and bitchy nursery mothers have all done their dreadful worst...

Best Friends for Never

  • Author: Lisi Harrison
  • Our Price : RM18 (RM12 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Massie Block: Still gorgeous. Still trendsetting. Still ruling the social scene at Octavian Country Day...she hopes. To keep her spot at the top, Massie decides to throw OCD's first boy/girl party. But she's not sure which is scarier - that her parents are making her invite the entire grade or that she has to throw the party with Claire.

Dylan Marvil: Lost the weight. Kept the attitude. Plans to use her new body to snag a new guy.

Kristen Gregory: Clothes are for sharing. Guys aren't. Likes the same guy Dylan does. Will to whatever it takes to get him.

Alicia Rivera: With the Clique unraveling faster than last season's Burberry sweater, it just may be time for Alicia to stage her takeover.

Claire Lyons: Still out. Wants in. Seriously needs to lose the Keds.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of My Depth

  • Author: Emily Barr
  • Our Price : RM25 (RM19 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
When Susie decides to hold a school reunion she tells herself that it’s just about showing off. It’s about letting Amanda, Izzy and Tamsin see how well she’s done for herself- her successful career as an artist, her gorgeous house in France, her deliciously louche boyfriend. But the truth is that this is a dark plan. A plan that could make or break her seemingly perfect life… and she knows it.

As the old friends gather at Susie’s for a long weekend of catching up and comparisons, it is clear that, despite their lives having taken very different turns, they are still haunted by a dark and common past. They each know that up until now they have been treading water- waiting for the inevitable moment when they have to face the truth. The question is, now that the time has come, who will sink and who will swim?

Woman in the Fifth

  • Author: Douglas Kennedy
  • Our Price : RM25 (RM19 + RM6 poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Harry Ricks is a man who has lost everything. A romantic mistake at the small American college where he used to teach has cost him his job, his marriage and his relationship with his only child. And when the ensuing scandal threatens to completely destroy him, he votes with his feet and Paris.

He arrives in the French capital in the bleak midwinter, where a series of accidental encounters lands him in a grubby room in a grubby quarter, and a job as a nightwatchman for a sinister operation.

Just when Harry begins to think that he has hit rock bottom, romance enters his life. Her name is Margit - an elegant, cultivated Hungarian emigre, long resident in Paris - widowed and, like Harry, alone.

But though Harry is soon smitten with her, Margit keeps her distance. She will only see him at her apartment in the fifth arrondissement for a few hours twice a week, and remains guarded about her work, her past, her life.

However, Harry's frustrations with her reticence are soon overshadowed by a ever-growing preoccupation that a dark force is at work in his life - as punishment begins to be meted out to anyone who has recently done him wrong. Before he knows it, he finds himself of increasing interest to the police and waking up in a nightmare from which there is no easy escape.

Queen of Babble : Gets Hitched (SOLD)

Perfect Boy (SOLD)

In the Company of Crazies (SOLD)

Confessions of a Teen Nanny : Rich Girls (SOLD)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anybody Out There (SOLD)

Then He Ate My Boy Entrances

  • Author: Louise Rennison
  • Our Price : RM24 (including poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Georgia and Jas are off to Hamburger-a-gogo land! Georgia plans to track down Masimo, the Italian-American dreamboat, but after a long week in America, she only succeeds in learning importantish things -- like how to ride a bucking bronco. Will Georgia reel in the Italian dreamboat? Or is she destined to live forever all aloney on her owney?

Roswell High #5: The Intruder

  • Author: Melinda Metz
  • Our Price : RM8 (RM4 + RM4 pos express postage)
  • Status : 2 available..hurry..while stock last..
  • Reviews:
Michael: He's being held in a secret compound. But he's concerned less for himself than his friends. Max. Maria. Liz. Alex. And Isabel. He's got to get out before he's forced to betray the Roswell residents whom Sheriff Valenti is dying to capture. And once Sheriff Valenti has the information he wants, he won't be needing Michael anymore.

Isabel: She used to think of Michael as a brother. But now that he's been captured, she seems to be the only one able to hear his every thought, feel his every emotion, share his dreams. Could this special bond between them mean they're meant to be together? Time is running out for Isabel to know for sure...

The Diary of a Young Girl (SOLD)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Because I'm Worth It (Gossip Girl Series #4) - SOLD

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sepasang Jean Biru (SOLD)

Rewind, Fast Forward

  • Author: Renee Koh
  • Our Price : RM14 (including poslaju postage)
  • Retail Price : RM19.90
  • Reviews:
A compelling collection of short stories set in either the past of the future as told by young writers who participated in the annual writing competition MPH Search for Young Malaysian Writers in 2005. Take this journey through time and be amazed by the talent of these Malaysian teens.

Geisha (SOLD)


  • Author: Norzailina Nordin
  • Our Price : RM4
  • Reviews:
Dalam usaha Azahari membongkar misteri harta pusaka moyangnya iaitu Shahbudin di Kota London, dia telah terjerat dalam cinta terhadap Serena, anak gadis Swanson, peguam yang diamanahkan untuk menguruskan harta pusaka tersebut. Atas pelbagai dugaan di rantau orang, Azahari menyediakan diri selengkapnya demi rasa tanggungjawab terhadap keluarga. Namun berhasilkah misi pencarian Azahari terhadap harta pusaka tersebut? Bagaimanakah pula perasaan cintanya terhadap gadis Inggeris itu?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter (SOLD)

Love Bug (SOLD)

Kasanova (SOLD)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Louise Bagshawe's Books (SOLD)

  • Monday's Child
  • Tuesday's Child

The Five People You Meet In Heaven (SOLD)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Citizen Girl (SOLD)

Secangkir Kopi Panas Di Pilot Cafe (SOLD)

Hard Love

  • Author: Ellen Wittlinger
  • Our Price : RM18 (including poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
John, untouchable since his parents' divorce six years ago, and Marisol, who's recently come out as a lesbian, meet through their interest in writing zines, personal homemade magazines into which they pour their life stories.

"The awkwardness of awakening sexuality, a growing preoccupation with identity and crossing the line from friendship to more are themes here with which teens will readily identify." --Publisher's Weekly

"Hard Love is a touching and real story of a group of outsiders trying to make the human connections they need to survive and thrive. It is a novel of discovery, and one of those discoveries is that love is unavoidable, even when you love the wrong person. And even when you love the wrong person, the knowledge that you can love anyone at all still makes you feel very much alive." --Author Nancy Matson

---source from ----

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nicholas Sparks's Books (SOLD)

  • The Notebook
  • The Wedding

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl Meets Ape

  • Author: Chris Manby
  • Our Price : RM20
  • Retail Price : RM34.90
  • Reviews:
When Dr Jennifer Niederhauser becomes head of the chimpanzee project at Prowdes Animal Sanctuary, the uptight young zoologist looks forward to making her mark in the conservation world. But the regime is ramshackle, the chimpanzees uncontrollable and her first meeting with head keeper Guy Gibson finds him naked and covered in baby oil.

She decides never to work with animals or the childish again. But she may not have a job for much longer anyway - Prowdes is in big financial trouble.

The Secret Life of A Slummy Mummy (SOLD)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dedication (SOLD)

Can You Keep A Secret (SOLD)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots Of Love

  • Author: Fiona Walker
  • Our Price : RM25 (including postage)
  • Retail Price : RM34.90
  • Reviews:
Spurs Belling had the X factor.? In all her years travelling with dangerous sports fanatics, most expecially surfers, Ellen had only met half a dozen who truly had it.? And Richard, who had so wanted it, had never really possessed one cell of X.? Spurs Belling was pure, unadulterated X.? It made him very, very dangerous.? And as far a Ellen was concerned, somebody to be avoided at all costs.

After thirteen years, all passion spent, Ellen and Richard have called it a day.? With her life in suitcases and boxes, Ellen agrees to help her parents sell their unoccupied Cotswold cottage - then she plans to travel the world.? Little does she know that idyllic Oddlode contains whe world's sexiest hell-raiser, and she finds hereself travelling unchartered waters to unknown territory - headlong into love

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

  • Author: Susan Elizabeth
  • Our Price : RM27
  • Retail Price : RM34.90
  • Reviews:
Rachel Stone's bad luck has taken a turn for the worse. With an empty wallet, a car's that's spilling smoke, and a five-year-old son to support, she's come home to a town that hates her. But this determined young widow with a scandalous past has learned how to be a fighter. And she'll do anything to keep her child safe...Gabe Bonner has just about survived the loss of his wife and child. Now all he wants is to be left alone, especially by the beautiful outcast who's invaded his property. Rachel has a ton of attitude, a talent for trouble, and a child who brings back painful memories. Yet this woman with nothing left to lose might just be the one person strong enough to teach a tough, stubborn man how to love again.

Shopaholic & Baby (SOLD)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

For One More Day (SOLD)

Ready Or Not (SOLD)

Golden New Vision - Mathematics PMR (SOLD)

Golden New Vision - Sejarah PMR (SOLD)

Golden New Vision - Science PMR (SOLD)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turning Thirty (SOLD)

Seven Sunny Days

  • Author: Chris Manby
  • Our Price : RM25
  • Retail Price : RM34.90
  • Reviews:
When Rachel Buckley announces that she is going to get married, her best friends Yaslyn and Carrie Ann can’t wait to give her a proper send-off. No second-rate male stripper in a smoky bar for Rachel though. The girls choose instead to take a ‘hen week’ in Turkey, in the all-inclusive surroundings of luxurious holiday resort.
It should be the perfect trip. But all three girls are bringing along more than their luggage. While Rachel looks forward to her wedding day with excitement, Carrie Ann wonders why the pain of her abusive marriage didn’t end when the decree nisi arrived and Yaslyn considers the possibility that she might never be ready to marry her patient boyfriend Euan.
Add unlimited free cocktails, rampant reps and a nasty dose of sunstroke and suddenly ‘getting away from it all’ comes dangerously close to ‘going back to nothing’. Can three firm friendships survive just seven sunny days?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Love Resort (SOLD)

Confessions of Demented Housewife (SOLD)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Friend of The Family

  • Author: Lisa Jewell
  • Our Price : RM26 (including poslaju postage)
  • Retail Price : RM34.50
  • Reviews:
Brothers Tony, Sean and Ned had the perfect upbringing. They adore their parents and actually look forward to coming home for Sunday lunch. But now they've grown up and real life's starting to get in the way.

Tony's dealing with divorce and a weight problem. Novelist Sean is up against a serious case of writers block and a shock announcement from his 'perfect' new girlfriend. And their parents have a new lodger, Gervase.

But why is Bernie, their mum, so keen to give this unsavoury waif a home? And what is the real reason for kid brother Ned's surprise return from his travels in Australia?

Rindu Pun Berlalu

  • Author: Teh Halimatusaadiah
  • Our Price : RM9 (including poslaju postage)
  • Reviews:
Benarkah kata pujangga, manusia tidak dapat lari dari cinta? Itulah apa yang Liana rasakan ketika ini. Biarpun telah bertekad untuk menghabiskan pelajarannya tanpa sebarang gangguan cinta, akhirnya Liana tewas bila bertemu Iskandar. Namun begitu, panas yang disangkakan akan berpanjangan, rupanya hujan di tengahari. Cinta mereka diganggu oleh pihak ketiga. Apakah cinta Iskandar seteguh tembok di pantai atau hanya umpama pasir yang dilanda ombak?

Hero (SOLD)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Brand New Friend (SOLD)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kampus (SOLD)

Milikilah Hati Ini (SOLD)

The Boy Who Fell Out Of The Sky

  • Author: Ken Dornstein
  • Our Price : RM20 (New)
  • Retail Price : RM41.00
  • Reviews:
Ken Dornstein's The Boy Who Fell Out Of The Sky is the story of the author's quest to understand his brother's life, in the context of his untimely death at the hands of terrorists. His older brother David was killed in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988, and the author has lived under the pall of these events ever since.

Ken Dornstein always looked up to his older brother David. David was handsome, popular and successful with women. He was talented, and had dreams of writing the great American novel — dreams his little brother never doubted would come true. Then, at age 25, David died in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland. This memoir begins as the story of Ken’s investigation into David’s death. But as his obsessive enquiries go on, it becomes the story of David’s life, what he meant to Ken — and who he really was. As it moves towards its devastating finale, Ken’s account raises the question: how well do we know the people we love?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Holly's Inbox (SOLD)

Seraut Wajah, Sebuah Memori Luka & Cinta

  • Author: Shahariah Ismail
  • Price : RM5
  • Reviews:
Seraut Wajah, Membakar Marah Sebuah Memori Luka, Mencalar Jiwa, Sekuntum Cinta Hadir, Mengirai Pelangi di Pinggir Cuma Hati Sebagai Penentu

Ego (SOLD)

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Walk to Remember (SOLD)

Just Between Us

  • Author: Cathy Kelly
  • Our Price : RM27 (New)
  • Retail Price : RM35.90
  • Reviews:
Everyone says that they lead charmed lives: beautiful‚ brilliant Stella‚ effortlessly juggling career and single−motherhood; witty TV writer‚ Tara‚ and dreamy‚ artistic Holly. Perhaps it comes from their calm‚ elegant mother‚ Rose‚ the centre of the family and adored wife of Hugh. Now‚ with Hugh and Rose married for forty years‚ their perfect daughters and their friends in the Irish country town of Kinvarra are looking forward to a celebration.

But as plans are made for the party of the decade‚ the secret heartaches the four women have kept hidden‚ even from each other‚ begin to emerge. Are any of them strong enough to deal with the truth about themselves and their golden lives?

Friday, February 13, 2009

31 Dream Street (SOLD)

Best of Friends (SOLD)

Plan B (SOLD)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada (SOLD)

Azur Like It

  • Author: Wendy Holden
  • Our Price : RM25
  • Retail Price : RM35.50
  • Reviews:
Kate, a journalist in a small northern town, is fed up with covering black pudding championships for the Slackmucklethwaite Mercury and living with Mum, Dad and Gran in a semi called Wits End. When evil tycoon Peter Hardstone takes over the paper, slashes budgets and sacks staff, Kate's career hits an all-time low. Gloom turns to glamour once Hardstone's sexy son arrives to work on the Mercury. And when Kate's sent with him to cover the glittering Cannes Film Festival, she can't believe her luck. But it's not all fun and games in the playground of the rich. Behind the glitz and sunshine lies a dark mystery that becomes Kate's most challenging newspaper assignment yet.

Double Wedding (SOLD)

Where Rainbows End (SOLD)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kite Runner (SOLD)

Queen of Babble in the Big City (SOLD)

He's Just Not Into You (SOLD)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Something Borrowed (SOLD)

P.S, I Love You (SOLD)

Baby Proof (SOLD)

When The Boys Are Away & Take a Chance (SOLD)

Forbidden Places

  • Author :Penny Vicenzi
  • Our Price :RM27
  • Retail Price : RM 37.50
  • Reviews
FIVE LONG DECADES For the last fifty years Grace Bennett, Florence Grieg & Clarissa Compton Brown have supported each other through everything - success, failure, heartache & happiness. But it wasn't always so...

When grace marries into the upper-class world of the Bennetts, her sister-in-law Florence and family friend Clarissa do little to make her feel welcome. But as World War Two tears the country apart, could the secrets each of them is hiding bring the three women together?

A nightmarish marriage that seems impossible to escape. A desire that must be satisfied but that could destroy. True love that may never be. The decisons each woman makes will change their lives and the lives of those around them for ever. But will they choose to do what is seen as 'right'? Or will they discover that sometimes what is forbidden is the thing that sets you free?

Chasing Harry Winston(SOLD)

Goodnight Beautiful (SOLD)

Ways To Live Forever (SOLD)

Honk If You're Malaysian (SOLD)

The Nanny Diaries (1 SOLD, 1 Available)

  • Author : Emma Mclaughlin & Nicola Kraus
  • Our Price :RM22
  • Retail Price : RM29.90
  • Reviews:
Nan, in her early twenties, goes to work for the wealthy X family to help put herself through college, and is shocked by their antics. Between raising the X's son Grayer, keeping on top of her studies, moving house and ensuring Mrs X's day runs smoothly, it's a wonder Nanny ever finds time to hang out with the gorgeous HH on the sixth floor. With divorce on the cards, Nanny finds herself caught up in the X's embittered world of power plays, lies and deciet. As communication rapidly breaks down, will Nanny be able to maintain the mental health of Grayer, despite the onslaught of Personal Problem Consultants, macrobiotic nutritionist and bilingual meals?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shopaholic & Sister (SOLD)

Three Wishes

  • Author: Liane Moriarty
  • Our Price : RM38 (Hard Cover)
  • Retail Price : RM55.90 (Hard Cover)
  • Reviews:
Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle are approaching their 34th birthday together. These Aussie triplets may share a birthday, but they have their own very different personalities. Gemma floats through life and relationships. Lyn powers her way through her organized and efficient days. The fiercely emotional Cat does battle with co-workers, her husband, and her sisters. In the year surrounding this particular birthday, their lives are thrown upside down by various tragedies and joys and they struggle through as they always have - together.

This heart-warming and heart-wrenching story is an impressive first book for Moriarty. She captures all the best and worst of family relationships - siblings, parents, spouses, and children - while balancing the heavy parts with funny bits of mayhem and wicked humor. The point of view alternates between the sisters and the story bounces back and forth in time, but never gets confusing. Interspersed between the chapters are little vignettes about how the triplets have touched the lives of strangers throughout the years.

Moriarty's characters are just quirky enough to really care about without being absurd. I thought the flashbacks to the past did a wonderful job of showing how the sisters evolved into their separate personalities. Three Wishes is a fun, fascinating look into three lives that are inextricably entwined, and an insightful look at family relationships in general.

Trading Up

  • Author: Candace Bushnell
  • Price : RM38 (Hard Cover)
  • Reviews:
Janey Wilcox is a Victoria's Secret model trying to climb the rungs of a social ladder in the unforgiving New York society. We first met Janey in Candace Bushnell's previous novel 4 Blondes. Now, in this sequel, we are given a more in depth view of Janey's now successful life and follow her as she rises and falls in the high society scene.

The novel begins in the year 2000 on Memorial Day weekend in New York City. Janey is on her way out to the Hamptons when she receives a phone call from Comstock Dibble, the head of Parador Pictures. Not having heard from him for almost a year, "the sound of his voice brought back a host of unpleasant associations. Comstock Dibble had been her lover the summer before, and Janey had actually fancied herself in love with him - until he suddenly became engaged to socialite Mauve Binchely, a tall, reedy socialite. His rejection of her in favor of another woman (one who wasn't, Janey thought, even remotely pretty) had been made all the more bitter by the fact that this was a scenario that had repeated itself many times in the past. While men were perfectly happy to date her, when it came to the ultimate union of marriage they always seemed to spurn her." The purpose of Comstock's phone call was to order Janey not to make any trouble for him as they were both attending top socialite Mimi Kilroy's party that evening. As Janey's sarcastic side came out, Comstock threatened her and after a string of expletives hung up the phone.

Janey is extremely thrilled to have been invited to Mimi's party. In the past Mimi had barely even acknowledged Janey's presence and even seemingly made it a point to ignore her. But now that Janey had finally made a name for herself in New York, Mimi was suddenly acting like her best friend.

At Mimi's party Janey is introduced to Selden Rose, the head of the cable channel MovieTime, -- and who will eventually become her husband. "He might not have been the man that Janey had always imagined she would marry, but the man you did marry never was. Janey had already dated every man in New York and nothing had worked out. And Selden was crazy about her - everyone who saw them together remarked upon it - and it was always better to have a husband who was more in love with you than you were with him."

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