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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blame It on Paris (SOLD)

Goodnight Nobody

  • Author: Jennifer Weiner
  • Price : RM23 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
For Kate Klein, the unsolved murder of a fellow mother is the most interesting thing to happen since the neighbors cracked their septic tank. Up until then life in suburbia has been distinctly underwhelming. Her once-loving husband is hardly ever home. The supermums on the playground routinely snub her and days are filled with empty routine . . .

Monday, July 19, 2010

Something Blue (SOLD)

Apa Kata Hati

  • Author: Ebriza Aminnudin
  • Price : RM12 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Kisah Cinta yang terjadi antara Dalinda, Damien dan Nirul Nizam tidaklah semudah yang disangka jalan penyelesaiannya. Antara Damien dan Nirul Nizam tak mahu mengalah dan masih memburu sekeping hati milik Dalinda. Lantaran itu, Dalinda terkapai di ambang kemelut, tak berdaya menyingkirkan cinta abadi kedua-dua pemuda yang berebutkannya.

Mampukah Dalinda menyingkir salah seorang dari mereka?

Siapa yang berjaya menawan hati Dalinda sehingga ke gerbang perkahwinan?

Dan, apakah sebenarnya kata hati Dalinda...

Remember Me (Brand New) - ALL STOCKS ARE SOLD

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Quiet Girl

  • Author: Peter Hoeg
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Set in Denmark in the here and now, The Quiet Girl centres around Kaspar Krone, a world-renowned circus clown with a deep love for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and an even deeper gambling debt. Wanted for tax evasion and on the verge of extradition, Krone is drafted into the service of a mysterious order of nuns who promise him reprieve from the international authorities in return for his help safeguarding a group of children with mystical abilities.

When one of the children goes missing a year later, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring her back, making a shocking series of discoveries along the way about her identity and the true intentions of his young wards.

The Quiet Girl pits art and spirituality against corporate interests and nothing less than the will to war by the industrialized world. This long-awaited novel from the author of Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow is a fast-paced philosophical thriller of rare quality.

Going Dutch

  • Author: Katie Fforde
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Jo Edwards never planned to live on a barge. She's not even sure she likes boats. But when her husband trades her in for a younger model, she finds her options alarmingly limited.

Dora Hamilton never planned to run out on her own wedding. But as The Big Day approaches, her cold feet show no signs of warming up - and accepting Jo's offer of refuge aboard The Three Sisters seems the only alternative.

As Jo and Dora embark on reorganizing their muddled lives, they realise they both need a practical way to keep themselves afloat. But, despite their certainty that they've sworn off men for good, they haven't bargained for the persistent intervention of attractive but enigmatic Marcus, and laid-back, charming Tom, who both seem determined to help them whether they like it or not ...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels (SOLD)

Perfect Match (Reserved)

  • Author: Jane Moore
  • Our Price : RM23 (including postage)
  • Reviews:
Just when Karen and Joe Eastman thought they had it all - the perfect marriage and the perfect family - they learn that their young son, Ben, has a terminal illness. The only cure is for them to have a 'designer baby' to provide him with a perfect match bone-marrow transplant.

But, in the process, a devastating family secret is revealed that not only jeopardizes the one hope of their son having a future but also threatens to destroy their marriage...

Kissing Toads

  • Author:Jemma Harvey
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Normal Price : RM35.90
  • Reviews
Delphi, garden programme presenter, and Roo, TV producer, have been best friends since childhood. As different as night and day, they've been there for each other's every merciless heart-break, every evil critic and knotty wardrobe choices

Delphi's career seems slightly, while Roo's long-time boyfriend has secretly gone and married his long-time Romanian girlfriend. They decide to ditch their life of urban glamour (Delphi) and overworked late nights (Roo) and sign on for a garden make-over programme in Scotland. Draughty castle, craggy rock star with ambitions to be the laird and a cast of very strange characters included - the two are in for a big surprise.

45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy*

  • Author:Anita Bruzzese
  • Price : RM26 (including postage)
  • Normal Price : RM48.50
  • Reviews
Do any of these mistakes sound familiar?
  • Copying the wrong people on an important e-mail
  • Failing to take notes at a crucial meeting
  • Clinging to your office mates at an industry party
  • Kicking the soda machine in a moment of rage
  • Blogging about your job
  • Resisting change instead of embracing it
As you read the book, you’ll understand that knowledge is power. With the right information – information your boss wants you to know and understand – you can be a much happier and more productive employee. And the best part? It’s not hard. It’s time to get started!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse (Brand New) - ALL 5 stocks - SOLD

Queen of Babble In The Big City

  • Author:Meg Cabot
  • Price : RM20 (including postage)
  • Reviews

Lizzie Nichols is back, pounding the New York City pavement, looking for a job, a place to live, and her proper place in the universe (not necessarily in that order).

When summer fling Luke uses the L-Word (Living Together), Lizzie is only too happy to give up her plan of being post-grad roomies with best friend Shari in a one-room walk-up in exchange for co-habitation with the love her life in his mother's Fifth Avenue pied-a-terre, complete with doorman and resident Renoir.

But Lizzie's not so lucky in her employment search. As Shari finds the perfect job, Lizzie struggles through one humiliating interview after another, being judged overqualified for the jobs in her chosen field?vintage gown rehab—and underqualified for everything else. It's Shari's boyfriend Chaz to the rescue when he recommends Lizzie for a receptionist's position at his father's posh law firm. The non-paying gig at a local wedding gown shop Lizzie manages to land all on her own.

But Lizzie's notoriously big mouth begins to get her in trouble at work and at home almost at once—first at the law firm, where she becomes too chummy with Jill Higgins, a New York society bride with a troublesome future mother-in-law, and then back on Fifth Avenue, when she makes the mistake of bringing up the M-Word (Marriage) with commitment-shy Luke

The Personal Shopper

  • Author:Carmein Reid
  • Price : RM25 (including postage)
  • Reviews
Meet Annie Valentine: stylish, savvy, multi-tasker extraordinaire.

As a personal shopper in a swanky London fashion emporium, Annie can re-style and re-invent her clients from head to toe. In fact, this super-skilled dresser can be relied on to solve everyone's problems...except her own.

Although she's busy being a single mum to stroppy teen Lana and painfully shy Owen, there's a gap in Annie's wardrobe, sorry, life, for a new man. But finding the perfect partner is turning out to be so much trickier than finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Can she source a genuine classic? A life long investment? Will she end up with someone from the sale rail, who'll have to be returned? Or maybe, just maybe, there'll be someone new in this season who could be the one...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hilangnya Seri Malam

  • Author : Haryani Kamilan
  • Price : RM14 (including postage)
  • Reviews :
Bukan mudah mencari cinta di zaman ini. Bila dapat seorang, kita sayang pula, rupanya buaya...
Namun, yang sebenarnya cinta yang sejati ada berdekatan tanpa diperasankan.

Setelah segalanya dicapai, cinta dah pun terbentuk, hanya ikatan yang menjadi idaman. Kini segalanya indah apabila ijab kabul telah tertunai...

pandangan semakin mengabur..sinar yang terlihat itu sedikit demi sedikit kian kelam dan lama- kelamaan terus gelap gelita..seperti malam yang telah hilang serinya...

Wishful Thinking (SOLD)

All Because of You (SOLD)

Never Say Never (SOLD)

Before I Forget (SOLD)

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