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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kissing Toads

  • Author:Jemma Harvey
  • Price : RM22 (including postage)
  • Normal Price : RM35.90
  • Reviews
Delphi, garden programme presenter, and Roo, TV producer, have been best friends since childhood. As different as night and day, they've been there for each other's every merciless heart-break, every evil critic and knotty wardrobe choices

Delphi's career seems slightly, while Roo's long-time boyfriend has secretly gone and married his long-time Romanian girlfriend. They decide to ditch their life of urban glamour (Delphi) and overworked late nights (Roo) and sign on for a garden make-over programme in Scotland. Draughty castle, craggy rock star with ambitions to be the laird and a cast of very strange characters included - the two are in for a big surprise.

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