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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots Of Love

  • Author: Fiona Walker
  • Our Price : RM25 (including postage)
  • Retail Price : RM34.90
  • Reviews:
Spurs Belling had the X factor.? In all her years travelling with dangerous sports fanatics, most expecially surfers, Ellen had only met half a dozen who truly had it.? And Richard, who had so wanted it, had never really possessed one cell of X.? Spurs Belling was pure, unadulterated X.? It made him very, very dangerous.? And as far a Ellen was concerned, somebody to be avoided at all costs.

After thirteen years, all passion spent, Ellen and Richard have called it a day.? With her life in suitcases and boxes, Ellen agrees to help her parents sell their unoccupied Cotswold cottage - then she plans to travel the world.? Little does she know that idyllic Oddlode contains whe world's sexiest hell-raiser, and she finds hereself travelling unchartered waters to unknown territory - headlong into love

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