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Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Between Us

  • Author: Cathy Kelly
  • Our Price : RM27 (New)
  • Retail Price : RM35.90
  • Reviews:
Everyone says that they lead charmed lives: beautiful‚ brilliant Stella‚ effortlessly juggling career and single−motherhood; witty TV writer‚ Tara‚ and dreamy‚ artistic Holly. Perhaps it comes from their calm‚ elegant mother‚ Rose‚ the centre of the family and adored wife of Hugh. Now‚ with Hugh and Rose married for forty years‚ their perfect daughters and their friends in the Irish country town of Kinvarra are looking forward to a celebration.

But as plans are made for the party of the decade‚ the secret heartaches the four women have kept hidden‚ even from each other‚ begin to emerge. Are any of them strong enough to deal with the truth about themselves and their golden lives?

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